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Artificial Intelligence for businesses

Not sure your business can profit from AI and how?
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Chat Bots

Messenger, Skype, Office 365, Direct Line, WeChat. We offer state-of-the-art chat bot expertise with countless providers.

Recommandation Engine

Recommandation engines are perfect to recommend content such as images, articles, videos to users while browsing your site.


Artificial Intelligence can be used to accurately forecast data like earning, monthly visitors and ad revenue.

Anomaly Detection

We use clustering to detect anomalies in a stream of data. Very useful for the Internet of Things of any inaccurate sensor.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is perfect to automate task such as emails, parsing documents and extracting information.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition helps you build seamless features for your users.
How we work

Not sure your business needs Artificial Intelligence?

We helper many mid-sized business and startups that benefited greatly from having Artificial Intelligence.

In some cases Artificial Intelligence is not a good fit, but we believe that in most cases it can help significantly your business.

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Technologies we work with

We are levelling the playing field for small business. Come work with us!


We are on a mission to make AI accessible to everyone. is a collection of thousands of open datasets to train Artificial Intelligences.


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BrainForce Inc.

A Canadian Corporation based out of Montréal.